Virtual Appliance

Network Box Virtual Appliance







In addition to the 64-bit customized hardware, Network Box is able to provide the exact same UTM+ Managed Security Services for your cloud/virtual environment, with a full range of virtual security appliances.




Easy deployment and

peace of mind


As part of Network Box’s managed security services, Network Box will configure and deploy your virtual security appliance in your virtual environment, for you. This is achieved in four easy steps:


1. Consultation

Network Box will discuss your network settings, your company policy rules, and security configurations.


2. Deployment

Network Box will provision your virtual security appliance and deploy the image disk to your virtual environment.


3. Configuration

Once the virtual security appliance has been deployed, the SOC will remotely configure it.


4. Activation

When the configuration is completed, your virtual security appliance is ready to use.



Virtual Appliance Diagram


Download Brochure

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